Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The 8600 Most Frequently Used Spanish Words

Suggestions on how to use this list: 
  • If you see a word and immediately check it's translation, you'll hardly memorize it at all. If you try your best to recall what the word means before checking the translation, the chances of memorization are much better. 
  • Pick a word you haven't mastered and type it into Wiktionary to see other definitions, usage notes and example sentences. 
  • It is always interesting to see a word in context, that is, in example sentences. If a word is new to you, type it into to see example sentences—that website is a godsent.
  • It is also interesting to type the words you haven't mastered into Google Images, to have a greater appreciation and grasp of their meaning.

To study the right way, the software Anki is a great help, as it automatically schedules review dates for you. Download this deck for your Anki:

The words are sorted from the most frequently used, to the least.

If you memorize the whole list you won't be quite able to speak, but you will be able to understand: You'll be able to read anything in spanish without struggle like books, spanish forums and news articles. And from that learning to speak comes naturally.

People complained about the verbs' translations being incomplete; the translation doesn't say if the verb is first or second person or past or future. Valid complaint, so I would advise to skip on the verbs, or to look a verb up on Wiktionary for a more complete translation. Ouside the verbs, this list should be virtually flawless.

A version of this list with no verbs is available here.

The list above is free, and will always be. 

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  1. 'The 8600 Most Frequently Used Spanish Words" according to who?
    What was the base of that statement? I ask cause there is many lists out there in the "internets".

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  2. Thanks for the useful information Nancy, i want to learn spanish a bit more, very useful


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