Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 000 French Sentences Made With the 218 Most Frequent French Words (With Anki Deck)

What follows is a list with the 218 most frequently used French words . . . and 10 example sentences for each word. 

But the best part is: that all those sentences are available, with audio, for Anki. In the order they are shown here, without duplicates.

(Anki is a flashcard software that allows you to study in a more efficient manner.)

Download this deck for your anki:
(Edit: oh damn wait a minute, this is a very similar deck but not the same. Will upload the right one and put the link here sometime tomorrow...)


  1. So your anki deck is definitely useful (though the one I've been using does have a lot of duplicates).

    I wonder if you could tell me how you got the audio files and then paired them with the sentences. It would be super useful to me if I could add text to speech audio files to a bunch French sentences I can find without eating up huge amounts of time (other silent decks, or example sentences from the about.french pages, for example).

    Anyways thanks again, send me an email at timunderwood9 at gmail if you can help.

  2. So this was a case of asking for help before googling, I think I can get the AwesomeTTS add-on to do what I want. But your deck really is useful, so thanks for that.


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